6 Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

6 Ways to Protect Yourself from identity Theft

How would you feel if you woke up one day to find that you are a wanted person because a fraud or crime was done using your identity? Bad is an understatement. Every person or business is a solid brand.

It takes time and effort to put your life together only for your identity to be stolen with a just a click of the mouse. Whether your identity is as big as SEO Mississauga or as small as a name without a title, no one is exempted from the rising crime of identity theft. With the access of your security number, birthdates, addresses or driving licenses, your finances could be swept clean or your company systems hacked.

As scary as that sounds, is there a way to protect yourself? Yes, by first knowing the enemy, then attacking it. Here is how;

  1. IP address

As simple as it looks, your IP address can be used to track your location and movements. Worse still, the cookies sent can be used to collect your personal data. Identity thieves are very knowledgeable and tech savvy but you can beat them at their game. Shield your IP address.

How? Thanks to advancing technology, there are softwares in the market like HMA that was built specifically to help with this problem. Get one and stay safe.

  1. Public WIFI and Hotspots

They say free things are expensive, when it comes to identity theft, they surely are. A person can steal your personal information by creating a hotspot and as soon as you subscribe to use it, all of it is drained away. You can fight this by always creating a virtual private network or updating your sharing and firewall settings. This will create an access and theft proof.

  1. Passwords

The importance of a password cannot be overstated. Remember that look on your face when you were told your password was not strong enough? They are just wasting my time, you thought. Truth is, the strength of your password will literally determine if you will be broken into or not.

You like it simple because you can remember it, but at what cost? Next time take advantage of the choice to choose a password and make it as hard to crack as possible .That way, no one can figure you out and you can be sure that all your details are safe.

  1. URLs

If a company like apple was hacked into by just creating a URL that looked almost the same as the company website, who are you? The point is, if you are not careful enough a single character can be the dead of you. Always check URLs and mails you receive carefully to avoid falling prey.

       5.Two factor authentication

This is an extra layer of security for your identity. You not only need a username and a password to access any system; you also need information that only the user has and should be given in real-time. This could be a security question that need to be answered or a code that only the use has. It is important to take advantage of this security measure to protect yourself from identity theft.

       6 .Credit Reports

With the sharing of clients credit history among organizations, much of your information is out there. It is sad that some hackers can access them and give you an identity suicide. To be safe, you can contact those agencies instructing ng them to freeze your reports. This makes your information inaccessible without your permission.


Other than scrupulous businesses selling our information to crooks, the information age has exposed us to new threats in the name of identity theft. It will cost you money, time and emotional damage to have your good name back. Now that you know what exposes you to the enemy ,take your weapons and win the battle.

Tips for Curbing Cyber Crime In Business

Tips for Curbing Cyber Crime In Business

Cybercrime and cybersecurity remain the biggest fears for businesses and governments. With criminals devising new and smarter hacking/ disruption techniques by the day, banking passwords and trading secrets aren’t as safe. Unfortunately, you hardly see the attack coming, so, you have to prevent any possibility of attack. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Here are some of the techniques that will help keep your business safe:

  1. Use secure connections

There are millions of downloadable programs whose main purpose is to hack and access data on your system. This means that you should avoid downloading suspicious apps. Also, you should be careful about connecting to the internet using the free internet in the café; even if all you want to do is to download a time-sensitive and free job application form.

Being cautious and even paranoid is important because when you open up a folder shared unknowingly through Microsoft-supported program SHAREit or Apple’s AirDrop, you make your sensitive data a playground for hackers.

If you have to use public WiFi, you should get a VPN to encrypt traffic. That will make it harder for cybercriminals to intercept your data.  You should also disable shared folders.

  1. Penetration testing

To prevent cyber attacks, you’ll have to undertake routine tests, and IT audits to ensure optimum levels of security. The best penetration tests are run by third parties who should audit your computerized information systems and data. Penetration tests identify the vulnerability of your system by taking a keen look at the firewalls of business. By analyzing and identifying weak points, you will know where to direct your efforts and security strategies.

The penetration tests will also shed light on your security level and recommend the best remedial activities.

  1. HTTPS and not HTTP

How often do you double check the URL of the site you are visiting? Are your social media, banking, and email connected on a secure site? As you punch in usernames and passwords every day, you should be thinking about the possibility of the site not being as safe as you purport it to be.

Why go to sites with the ‘S’ at the end? The HTTPS sites follow much more secure protocols hence safer than HTTP sites. HTTPS isn’t common with most sites, but mobile sites are adopting this URL faster. Twitter is also adopting the HTTPS. On the downside, it is only available for desktop browsers and not on mobile browsers.

  1. Secure Important data

Any device connected to the internet is unsafe even when you have the latest security installation. When not in use, you should disconnect your device from the internet. If you need to access information online, then you should get a cloud-based system. It should have a high-security setting. One of best cloud security systems will have an AES256 bit end-to-end encryption and with data centers in the EU and Switzerland.

You may also consider isolating sensitive customer information by keeping it on an internal server disconnected from the internet.

You also need to consider keeping your devices in secure places in case of theft. Including disk encryption will prevent any unauthorized access to your data.

Final Thoughts

Criminals are devising smarter ways of accessing sensitive data about individuals and corporates. Other than the measures above, you should disclose your personal information on unsecured websites, don’t enter your credit card number to a site that isn’t secure and use latest/ updated antivirus software applications. Lastly, don’t send photos online.

Things to Know about T1135 Voluntary Disclosure

The first thing that many people would like to know about this issue is how to make the voluntary disclosure? In order to do that, the taxpayer must make a submission to the Canada Revenue Agency and that submission must include all facts, omissions and errors that have happened. When the CRA receives this T1135 voluntary disclosure, it sends back to the taxpayer a letter in which it will inform the taxpayer what the next steps should be and which additional info should be submitted.

Making a voluntary disclosure comes with numerous advantages. One of them is that if the voluntary disclosure gets accepted by the revenue agency, then you are not liable for any penalties that might have been otherwise imposed for your unreported income. Some of those penalties may be very harsh, so this is the major advantage why you should make a voluntary disclosure. Another great advantage is that if your voluntary disclosure is accepted, then the revenue agency will not prosecute you criminally for the tax errors or the omissions you have made.

Things to Know about T1135 Voluntary Disclosure

In order for the revenue agency to accept the voluntary disclosure, specific conditions must be met. The disclosure will be considered voluntary if the taxpayer does not have knowledge of some enforcement action that is taken towards him or her at the moment or that is about to start. T1135 voluntary disclosure must contain full and correct facts for all tax years when the information was incomplete, unreported or inaccurate.

So what are the ways for coming clean if you realize that you have failed to file the tax form for some previous year? The best solution is to submit the T1135 form through the voluntary disclosure program. This is a formal program that gives the taxpayers chance to correct the information they have inaccurately disclosed without fear for penalties or criminal prosecution. It is highly advisable for you to get professional help regarding going through this process, because most of the ordinary people do not know what steps it involves and how it should be done correctly.

In order for the disclosure to be valid, it must be voluntary and complete, there has to be an application that states the potential punishment, and the disclosure must contain all information that was previously withheld or omitted. If the disclosure is accepted by the Canada Revenue Agency then the penalties will be waived.

Boost Your Winning Chances by Hiring Personal Injury Lawyers Sault Ste Marie

Personal injury cases are some of the most common procedures in every judiciary system today. People are involved in many different situations each day, and sometimes injuries can be caused from all kinds of things. Traffic accidents remain number one cause for suffering personal injuries, but other situations are also very common today, like slipping and falling or getting injured by a faulty product. Anyhow, every person has a legal right to receive monetary compensation if he or she gets injured because of someone else`s fault or negligence. Anyone can represent themselves in their claims, but if you want to boost your chances for winning your compensation claim, then you should go for the professional services of personal injury lawyers sault ste marie.

Boost Your Winning Chances by Hiring Personal Injury Lawyers Sault Ste Marie

Where to Look For Lawyers

            If you live in a smaller community then you probably already know a few lawyers in your area. In smaller towns people usually know each other, so finding lawyers is not that hard. Many of your friends and relatives can also point you in right direction and suggest where you should go. Getting advice from your closest ones is good, but the ultimate decision which lawyers you should hire is yours.

The best thing you can do is to talk with all personal injury lawyers sault ste marie in order to get a clearer picture about how they work and how they can help you. Different lawyers have different approaches in their cases, so make sure you check the way they operate before you decide to hire one.

You will probably bump into some lawyers that will not want to take your case. Not all lawyers want to work on all cases, so there are some that avoid personal injury cases. You can eliminate those lawyers from your list and continue searching. Because of the fact that personal injury cases happen on daily basis and almost to anyone, you can probably ask some of your friends and family members for advice where to look if they have been involved in such an accident.

As soon as you find lawyers to represent you in your personal injury claims, make sure you work closely with them and provide them with the necessary information they are looking for. Instead of getting involved into something all by yourself, hire lawyers and you will boost your chances for winning good compensation for your injuries.

Top Rated Personal Injury Lawyer Surrey Guarantees Success in Your Case

If someone gets injured because of another person`s fault or negligence, then he or she is entitled to get compensation. Getting fair compensation is not easy and it requires taking many legal steps and following many legal formalities. People get injured every day, and injuries often happen when least expected. That can make life harder to those that have suffered the injury, so you always have to be careful and try to avoid any accident. However, if such an unfortunate event happens, you have the option to hire the top rated personal injury lawyer surrey. He is very qualified and skillful in handling personal injury cases and can help everyone in times of need. His main responsibility is to help his clients get the compensation they deserve.

Top Rated Personal Injury Lawyer Surrey Guarantees Success in Your Case

What Can the Top Rated Lawyer Do For You?

            Every lawyer has their own area where they specialize and where they work best. The lawyer`s main responsibility is to help their injured client win his case. The lawyer prepares the client to answer different questions and also prepares him how to act in the court of law. The top rated personal injury lawyer surrey has plenty of experience and knowledge of the personal injury law, which guarantees success in the case. If you have a reputable and quality lawyer at your side then your chances of winning the case are pretty big. Lawyer`s experience shows that he has been involved in many similar cases like yours, so he knows the best strategies for winning the case.

Getting injured is a serious thing which should not be taken lightly. The injured person has to consult medical professional to examine his injuries. Failing to get a quick medical help can lead to some life-threatening situations. Personal injury lawyers usually work close with top quality medical professionals which can help you in times of need. So instead to worry what to do, leave everything to the hands of your lawyer. The lawyer can help you with many different things besides guiding you in legal matters. Therefore, you should always go for the best lawyer in the particular field of work. Some people believe that lawyers are very expensive, but the truth is that today they are more affordable than ever. So in case you have suffered some kind of injury, contact a good lawyer immediately and see what he can do for you.

Learn the Secrets of SEO Companies

Hiring a SEO company to make a good optimization of your website is great if you want to improve your business. There are many companies online, where you can just type what kind of company you look for and you will be presented with results. Start calling companies and schedule some meetings where you can learn more about the secrets of SEO companies. In order to hire the best company for your needs you first must look into several things which will make your decision easier. Hiring a quality company is what makes difference between successful businesses and bad ones.

Learn the Secrets of SEO Companies

Why You Need To Hire SEO Companies

            One main reason for that is to get a visually appealing and functional website. You need a company that knows all the secrets of SEO companies and that can optimize your website. If you are serious about your business then you cannot afford having a poorly designed website, with lots of stuffed text, bad videos, bad navigation, or broken links. A SEO company can do everything for you so your website will be smooth and will provide good content. Pick a company that is also able to provide a user-friendly website for you.

A good SEO company knows how to implement good strategies. You must have a good content on your website, because without content even the best company cannot help you much. Relevant content is very important for the search engines today, and that is what makes one website stand out among the rest. SEO companies can help you with the site content, they can also help in setting the right set of keywords and keyword phrases, and can also provide quality inbound links. Search engines like Google pay a lot of attention to things like these, so find the best company that can provide all that for you.

When you go out looking for a SEO company to hire, make sure you explore all the different SEO packages they offer. Check and compare several companies and thoroughly analyze the offered SEO packages. Is there only one package available or there are several packages tailored for the needs of each business? Standard packages on offer may not be good enough for your business. While you evaluate different packages, check out how many services are on offer and which ones. Pay attention to things like link building, content marketing, keyword research, etc.

What PR Firms Toronto Have to Offer

Many people have heard the word PR, but still do not know what exactly means. It stands for public relations, and companies that work in that field can offer many different things. PR Firms Toronto are there to pass certain information to the public. Then this information is processed in an understandable way. PR companies also do their best to help the company or individual that hired them, so they are in general a link between the company or individual and the public.

What PR Firms Toronto Have to Offer

How Public Relations Are Used

            PR is not utilized just by the famous people, but it is a very important tool used in many relation aspects. The following are some ways where PR firms Toronto are used.

  • Workplace relations. PR firms can be very valuable tool in the communication between the employer and the worker. Many people believe that PR services are only required in situations where there are some kind of negotiations, but the truth is that PR services can also help the employees to better understand their labor rights. Many times businesses hire PR companies in situations when they have to talk to large group of people or to give some new instructions. Public relations involvement can also be seen in business conventions, lectures, or speeches as well.
  • PR is also seen in the media relations. PR companies can act as media coaches or consultants to individuals. They can advice people how to handle different situations and act in front of a camera. Reputable PR firms are good in providing good knowledge to people and can prepare them well in case they have to stand out and speak in public, make some public appearances and hold speeches, and other similar situations.
  • PR firms also play big roles in investor relations. These types of relations are set up by the PR firm in order to take care of the dialog between shareholders and a certain company. Unlike the labor relations or media relations, the target audience here is very specific and well educated on the matters at hand. Those companies that seek new ways to invest a capital should hire a PR company if they want to bring in more profits later. They are good partners for any business and a valuable tool that can improve the relations between people. Every business would benefit from hiring a PR firm.